Enterprise Architect Note – Terminology

Enterprise Architect 使用筆記…



觀點 – View :

A View is a top level package, within a model. It can be categorized by purpose using different icon types, such as Use Case View, Component View  or Deployment View. Views are used to contain packages, diagrams and elements – the building blocks of your model.

模型觀點為最高層次的套件,對於一個模型我們可以以使用的目的和不同的圖標icon來將其分類,模型觀點常常包含著更多的套件,圖表和元素 – 那些建構你的系統模型用的組件塊


套件 – Package :

A Package is a container of model elements, and is displayed in the Project Browser as a ‘folder’ icon.  A Package is required to hold the model building blocks, such as diagrams, elements and other packages.

So, to begin developing your Model, you must create an initial package for your first diagrams.


圖表 – Diagram 

A diagram is a visual representation of the elements of your model, their attributes and characteristics, and how they are connected and/or interact with each other.

Different diagram types show different aspects of the model and the relationships between elements. 


元素 – Elements

Models are constructed from elements, each of which has its own meaning, rules and notation. Generally, when you create a new element in your model, you want to use that element on a diagram.  The simplest way to do this is to create the element directly on the diagram.



連結 – Connectors

Connectors define specific relationships between specific elements, so you usually create them directly on the diagram by dragging the required relationship type from the Diagram Toolbox.  As for elements, the Toolbox automatically presents the connector or relationship types appropriate to the type of diagram.









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